William Hunter

Fog on the Coast
Steamers Ashore at South Shields

About half post four o'clock this morning, a dense fog descended on the coast, rendering objects invisible a few yards distance, and except in the case of the direct ferry at Shields, completely suspending the traffic on the river from that hour till about 8 30 and causing serious accidents to steamers. It appears that the captain and crew of the s.s. Fenella, of London, were landed at North Shields, this morning, and report that their vessel was lying partly sunk southward of the Herd Sands Buoy. The Fenella left her moorings in Shields Harbour at an early hour, this morning, bound for Hamburg, coal laden, and it is said that the crew had to scramble over the ship's broadside to save themselves. Another local trader went ashore on the Groyne, and remains fast. It appears that the vessel, the William Hunter, went ashore about six o'clock this morning, during the prevalence of the fog. It expected that she will float at high water.

Source: Shields Daily Gazette 21 March 1893

The S. S. William Hunter Floated

The screw steamer William Hunter, which went ashore on the north side of the Groyne Lighthouse, at the entrance of Shields Harbour, during the prevalence of the fog yesterday, was successfully floated about 3 30 in the afternoon, the assistance of one tug only being required. The vessel is at present moored at Smith's Buoys and she will be placed in Messrs Smith's dry dock to be sighted and examined.

Source: Shields Daily Gazette 22 March 1893