This section of the site will consist of a detailed history of the South Shields Volunteer Life Brigade. It is intended that it will contain the following:

Main Historical Events

A chronological account of the main events from the formation of the Brigade to the present time.

Annual Reports

It was a requirement of the Board of Trade that volunteer lifesaving brigades held annual meetings and published annual reports.

Brigade Documents

This section will contain transcriptions of all surviving Brigade documents. It will include the Storm Book, Minute Books and Division Roll books, which contain details of membership and attendance at drills and wrecks.

The Development of the Watch House

This is one of the few remaining Victorian wooden buildings in the Country.

The Development of Lifesaving Apparatus

This will cover a period starting before the formation of the Brigade, as much of the equipment used by the early brigadesmen had already been in use for some time.

The Building of the Piers

The building of the piers meant that the environment in which the Brigade was operating was constantly changing.

Group Photographs

The Brigade has a number of group photographs. Unfortunately, many of the individuals cannot be identified. If you recognise anyone please contact us.