Screw Steamer Wear —A report has been circulated that when this vessel got on Whitburn Steel, on Saturday night, a red light was seen in shore, of which many seem to think had some connection with the mysterious lights at Whitburn, of which much has been The mate reports that a red light was seen on the port bow of the vessel, but that it was the light of a steamtug that was sent from this port with a number of carpenters aboard, with all the necessary apparatus for making an attempt to get the unfortunate barque Victorine out of her precarious situation, on the rocks at Souter Point The steamtug was searching along in shore, the intense darkness of the night, entirely preventing her crew, as well as those on board the Wear, from knowing their exact position. Captain Fuller, of the Wear, states that this red light had nothing do with the accident that occurred to his vessel.

Source: Shields Daily Gazette 23 January 1866