Tug Steamer Sunk at Sea

Yesterday afternoon, about four o'clock, the tug steamer Terrier, of North Shields, which had been out at sea seeking ships, was returning to the Tyne, and when a short distance from the Trow Rocks, she struck upon the wreck of a vessel, and holed herself. She immediately began to sink, and the crew In order to save themselves had to take to their small boat and so reached the shore. The steamer shortly afterwards went down.

Source: Shields Daily Gazette 4 February 1869

Notice to Masters of and other Vessels

There is at present great Danger in coming to the TYNE from the SOUTH by the Lower Mast Head of a sunk Vessel which is awash at Low Water, in Spring Tides; it lies in about Seven Fathoms of Water, about One Mile and a Half from the CASTOR, right in the Track of Vessels going from and coming to the PORT; and there has not been a BUOY placed upon it to show its Whereabouts. The TERRIER Steam Tug struck upon it and Sunk on the 3rd Instant. WM. GIBSON, Steam Tug Offices, North Shields. February 6, 1869.

Source: Shields Daily Gazette 6 February 1869

TENDERS WANTED for the LIFTING and Bringing into Shields Harbour the HULL, Engines, and Boilers, of the Steam Tug TERRIER, new sunk South of the South Pier, South Shields. Tenders to be given into the Steam Tug Office, North Shields, on or before Friday, the 16th inst.

Source: Shields Daily Gazette 23 February 1869