Schooner Ashore the Herd Sand

Yesterday afternoon, a fresh breeze sprang from the north-west, and the vessels that made for the Tyne entered with great difficulty. The screw-steamer Berwick, which left the Tyne in the afternoon, put back, something wrong with the machinery. About six o'clock several pilots observed a small schooner drifting ashore in the direction of the Herd Sand. One of the South Shields lifeboats was manned, and rowed, under the command of Mr George Smith, towards the vessel. A policeman on duty on the pier, hearing the shouts of the crew, signalled the Castor, and three guns were immediately fired. The crew of the vessel—consisting of the master, man, and a boy—were rescued by the lifeboat when near the end of Fish Pier, and soon after the vessel grounded en the Herd Sand. The schooner the Squirrel, of South Shields, bound from Leith for Port Mulgrave, with 440 casks of powder. The master states that during the whole of yesterday they experienced very bad weather. He failed in an attempt to run his vessel into Holy Island. In making for the Tyne for shelter, the wind shied, and the vessel was drifted ashore. The Squirrel has broken up, and large quantities of the powder is being picked up. Part of the wreck was washed into the harbour about twelve o'clock last night, and was picked up. About midnight, a severe snow storm came on, which lasted for a considerable time. At two o'clock the signal guns from the Spanish Battery, at Tynemouth, were again fired, the members of the South Shields Life Brigade having observed a ship burning lights for assistance. The gear was at once got out, and the members of the Life Brigade (who were on duty during the whole the night), proceeded towards the Trow Rocks, expecting the vessel to come on shore in that locality. Suddenly, however, the lights which had been burning for some time, disappeared, and it is supposed that the vessel had been able to get her head seaward, and thus escaped being stranded. About ten o'clock at night, the members of the Brigade observed a vessel burning lights, and it is supposed to be the same ship above mentioned. The Brigade remained on duty until seven o'clock this morning, but fortunately their services were not required.

Source: Shields Daily Gazette 1 December 1869

On November 30th 1869 the Squirrelle of South Shields in ballast in running for the Harbour was driven on shore upon the Herd Sand during a heavy Gale from the NNE the sea at the time being very heavy the Tyne Life Boat put off to the vessel & brought on shore the crew whose names were
John Lisher Master, William Latch cook, Mate Robt Lock & Boy

The Tyne was manned by 18 men as follows

Geo Smith

Jacob Harrison jun

Edward Tindle

John Purvis

John Wells

Thos Marshall

Thos Stephenson

Heslop Wright

John Marshall

Thomas Burr

John Blair

Jas Purvis

J N Stephenson

Robt Chambers

Robt Young

Thos Young

18 men @ 10/6 £9.9.0
The crew of the Providence consisted of 21 Men as follows

Jacob Burn

John Heron

John Hutchinson

Thos Marshall

Mathew Young

Jacob Hodgson

Thos Purvis

Robert Blair

Mathew Heslop

James Young

Thos Bone

Joseph Marshall

Geo Young

Wm Thurlbeck

Robert Purvis

Henry Burch

Joseph Marshall jun.

Richard Harrison

Will Tinmouth

Lancelot Marshall

Edward Tinmouth

Robert Shotton

Wm Young

Will Chambers

[only 20 names]

Source: Tyne Lifeboat Institution Service Record

TO COLLIERY & QUARRY OWNERS, AND OTHERS. WG. TATE & SON are instructed by Messrs a R. Poppelwell & Co., Agent for the Underwriters, to Sell by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the Fever Hospital, between the Fish Pier and South Pier, South Shields, Thursday, Dec. 16th, 1869, at one o'Clock in the Afternoon, gun time, about 200 25lb. Casks and 10 50lb. Casks of BLASTING POWDER saved, in good condition, from the Wreck of the "SQUIRREL," and will be Sold in Lots to suit Purchasers. For further particulars apply the Auctioneers, or to Messrs B. Poppelwell & Co., Lloyd's Agents, New Quay North Shields. Auction Offices, 97, Howard Street, North Shields.

Source: Shields Daily Gazette 13 December 1869