Date of Service: 2 Feb 1916

Name of Station: Marsden

No. of Coastguardsmen engaged: 2

No. of enrolled volunteers engaged: 8

No. of Assistants engaged: 4

Name and description of Vessel with place of casualty: “Spray” S.S. 200 yards N. of Malabar Gate

No. of lives saved by Apparatus: 9

No. of lives lost: 0

Particulars of the Service (The time stated in this column refers in each case to the time of the arrival of the apparatus at the scene of the casualty.): Wind S., force 3. Time 4.45 a.m. Communication was obtained with the second rocket at 5.10 a.m. and the gear was sent off. The crew, however, remained on board until 1 p.m., when 9 men were landed in the breeches buoy, three others took to their boat and were assisted ashore.

Source: 1916 [Cd. 8363] Rocket life-saving apparatus. Report by the Board of Trade on the life-saving apparatus on the coasts of the United Kingdom for the year ended 30th June 1916