S.S. Ramsey

Saturday, November 27. – Very thick fog. At 8.30 p.m. the s.s. Ramsey grounded on the Herd Sand, between the South Pier and the Groyne. Sea perfectly calm, and our services were not necessary. Towage on the Ramsey was commenced the following morning but was not successful. On Sunday evening at high tide another attempt was made which was successful. The wind had changed to the south-east, and brought on a little sea during the afternoon. Many members were in attendance, and Watchman J. Dixon had the searchlight ready in case (as seemed very probable) she took a sheer and came against the stones.

Source: Annual Report for 1926

Tynemouth Nov. 27. – Steamer Ramsay, of London, Norfolk for Tyne, struck groyne, South Shields at 8.10 p.m. Two tugs towing since 8.20 p.m. failed to get vessel off. Groyne constructed roughly of cement and stone.

Source: Times 29 November 1926

7 Nov 1926

S.S. Ramsey of London tonnage 3135 ran ashore while proceeding up the river Tyne in dense fog 600 yards from duty room. Tynemouth MLB and all authorities informed tugs stood by but required no other assistance refloated on 29th after discharging parts cargo. Wind calm dense fog vis 30yds sea 0.

Source: H.M. Coastguard Permanent Station Record