Fog on the Coast
Another Steamer Ashore
Vessel Floated

The weather off the Tyne to-day is exceptionally hazy, and the entrance to the harbour is entirely obscure, navigation being very much impeded. About 7 30 this morning the coastguard on duty at South Shields reported to the chief officer, Mr Williams, that a large steamer was ashore about two hundred yards north of the Trow Rocks. The alarm guns were fired, and the coastguardsmen, under the charge of chief officer Williams, assisted by several Volunteer Lifebrigadesmen, had the rocket waggon promptly on the scene, but on arrival their services were not required. The steamer proved to be the Nordfarer, in ballast, bound for Shields, which subsequently floated with the assistance of several steam tugs, and proceeded up the harbour.

It was about five o'clock when the vessel, which was from London, got ashore. Three tugs were made fast to her, and after about four hours' towing, floated her. The vessel was brought into the harbour, and moored alongside of Smith’s pontoons, where she will be docked for examination.

Source: Shields Daily Gazette 4 December 1901