Mary of Chester

Gale on the Coast
A Schooner Ashore at South Shields

On Saturday, the north east coast was visited by a gale from the NE which blew with terrific force during the whole of the night, and also on Sunday. Shields harbour was in great commotion, but fortunately there was no damage done. Last night, however, the sea still running, very high, the Mary, of Chester, laden with bricks for the Tyne, grounded on the Herd Hand. The Volunteer Life Brigade was called out and three lifeboats were put off —two from South Shields and one from North—to aid the distressed vessel. The master and crew refused leave the schooner. It is expected that she will get off if the weather keeps anything moderate.

Source: Shields Daily Gazette 30th of March 1869

Monday 29 March 1869 7.50 a.m.

A small schooner was observed to come ashore at the Herd Sand a signal light was burned upon the south pier for the signal guns to be fired 3 guns were fired from the coast guard station also respected by the “Castor2 the life boat was launched but the crew refused to leave she ultimately was got off at 2 am 30 March schooner name “Mary” loaded with brick etc Chester.

Source: South Shields Volunteer Life Brigade Storm Book

March 30th 1869 List of Providence Life Boat crew who proceed to the assistance of the “Mary” of Chester when ashore on the Herd Sand

Will Wright

Peter Stephenson

Geo Phillips

Will Young

Thos Purvis

Andrew Purvis

John Donkin

John Wright

James Wright

James Stewart

George Young

John Forsyth

Wm Tinmouth

Edward Ramsey

Thos Stewart

John Heron

Thos Young

Alex Storey

Henry Wright


Same day the Tyne Life Boat went to the assistance of the Mary of Chester
she was manned by

George Smith

Jacob Bone

Thomas Marshall

Richard Purvis

John Houlsby

John Hitchman

Edward Tindle

John Stewart

James Morrison

Robt Chambers

Andrew Purvis 4th

Thos Bone

Will Tinmouth

Wm Purvis

Thos Brown

Gilbert Purvis

Geo Ayre

Thos Tinmouth

Purvis 3rd

John C. Stevenson

Robt Purvis

John Shelton

Wm Purvis

Will Tinmouth

Source: Tyne Lifeboat Institution Service Record