Mary Adeline

Trawler Crew Rescued
Vessel Goes Down in Collision Off Tyne,


The Lowestoft steam herring fishing boat, Mary Adeline, owned by Messrs Head and Wright, Ltd., of Lowestoft, was sunk in collision with the Newcastle steamer Grangewood off the mouth of the river Tyne yesterday afternoon.

The crew of eight of the fishing boat was rescued another fishing boat, Nulli Secundus of Yarmouth, and taken back to North Shields.

The damage to the Grangewood was not ascertained. The vessel proceeded on her voyage to Hamburg.

Source: Western Daily Press 7 August 1930

Drifter Sunk in Collision
Members of Crew Rescued from Water

The herring drifter Mary Adeline was sunk yesterday near Tynemouth Pier in a collision with the steamer Grangewood.

Four of the Mary Adeline's crew jumped overboard when the collision occurred, and kept themselves afloat until picked up by a boat from the drifter Nulli Secundus, which shortly afterwards took the six remaining men off the sinking drifter.

The Grangewood was apparently undamaged, and proceeded on her voyage.

Source: Dundee Courier 7 August 1930