Perilous Position of a Passenger Steamer.

On Sunday night the passenger steamer Martlet, from Hull, struck on the Herd Sand End while entering the Tyne during a heavy fog. Although there was but little wind the sea was heavy, and the vessel and passengers were for a time in danger, which the mist rendered more alarming. However, the life-boats Pomfret and Goole, Northumberland, and two South Shields boats were at once launched when the signals of distress were seen from the steamer, which was afterwards got off the sand and into the channel. It was the first time the Pomfret and Goole had been launched at low water, and she was afloat in about 7 1/2 minutes after the alarm signal was observed. The Northumberland life-boat arrived about half a minute before her, the other two boats coming after her.

Source: Morning Post 7th of October 1868