Marjorie Hastie

Thursday, February 20th (1941)

Minesweeper FY. 1777 (“MARJORIE HASTIE”) of North Shields. Wind North, strong, sea rough, much snow, visibility bad. At 9.30 a vessel was reported ashore near Marsden and the Brigade was called out. The Rocket L.S. apparatus was taken by lorry to Marsden, where the vessel was found after some searching. She had been disabled by a mine and had driven ashore in Marsden Bay. The Roker Brigade had just arrived on the scene and as they had commenced to unload their gear it was decided to use it and to keep ours covered against any further casualty. The two Brigades, splendidly assisted by soldiers, worked together and succeeded in landing the crew of 22 men (some of whom were in a state of collapse) without accident.

Source: S.S.V.L.B. Minute Book 4