Lord Dufferin

Wreck of a ketch on the Beach
All Hands Saved

Lord Dufferin


About nine o'clock renewed excitement was caused by the alarm signals being again fired. It was soon ascertained that the ketch Lord Dufferin, in making for the harbour, had run ashore not far from where the Constance Ellen had grounded, and her crew of five hands clamoured over the last named vessel and, dropping by means of lines to the sand, waded through the surf to the shore. The ketch was bound from Sandwich, Kent, to Seaham, light, under the command of Captain Coates. Owing to the very heavy weather it was impossible to enter Seaham and it was decided to keep off the land. On getting as far north as the Tyne an attempt was made to get into the harbour, but she could not be got far enough to windward. Her sails were blown to ribbons and she drove ashore. The brigadesmen went down to her, but their services were fortunately not required as the men had all got safely ashore.

Source: Shields Daily Gazette 13 November 1901

Lord Dufferin

The Lord Dufferin, a splendid little ship of light draught has performed quite an unprecedented feat. She lies snugly under the railway embankment close to the sea road, and it will ever be a mystery how she got there.

Source: Shields Daily Gazette 14 November 1901

The Ketch Lord Dufferin  
Vessel to be Floated

Many suggestions have been made with regard to the ketch Lord Dufferin. The vessel which was cast ashore high and dry in the November gales, in close proximity to the South Park palings at South Shields, four hundred yards from low water mark, caused a great many speculations to how she would be  got afloat again, or whether she would be broken where she lay. The Whitstable Insurance Company, have, we learn, contracted with Messrs Thomas Moralee and Company, dry dock owners and ship repairers, South Shields, for the salvage of the Lord Dufferin. The work will be commenced this week, and the mode of getting the ketch in the water again is, we understand, to build ways upon which the vessel will launched into the sea again; this is considered the most practicable of the many solutions put forward.

Source: Shields Daily Gazette 17 March 1902

Lord Dufferin

The Lord Dufferin

The ketch Lord Dufferin which was driven ashore on the beach south of the South Pier during the great storm on Nov. 12th, and found a resting place close the South Park, was floated off yesterday and at once taken in tow and brought into the Tyne. The salvage operations, which have been in the hands of Messrs Thomas Moralee & Co,, graving dock owners, have extended over six weeks. By means of a three-fold purchase on the sunken wreck Constance Ellen, she was dragged by means of a steam winch on skids over nearly 300 yards to high water mark, and by the aid of the tug Wanderer she was drawn into the water about 18 minutes before high water, The hull of the vessel, it has been found, is practically uninjured.

Source: Shields Daily Gazette 10 May 1902

The Ketch Lord Dufferin

The ketch Lord Dufferin has been fixed to load at Seaham Harbour, and will leave when the heavy sea on the coast moderates. The Lord Dufferin has been repaired by the firm of Messrs Thomas Moralee & Co., South Shields. This vessel was driven ashore in the great November gales, and was washed so far on the South Shields beach that the question of refloating her naturally was a difficult one. The salvage work was secured by the same firm who have just repaired the vessel, and who had to launch the craft down to low water mark before she was floated.

Source: Shields Daily Gazette 10 June 1902