A Steamer Aground in the Tyne

The Leversons (s), Ross, bound to London, with coals, whilst proceeding down the river this morning, about 2 a.m., got aground abreast the Fish Pier, and was compelled to put back. The engines could not be worked. She is lying at the South Shields tiers.

Source: Shields Daily Gazette 9 January 1880

Salvage Claim at North Shields

At the North Shields Police Court this morning—before Messrs Spence and Cleugh—a claim was brought by the Tyne Towing Company against the owners of the Leversons (s) for services rendered by their tug the Defiance to the steamer Leversons, laden from Tyne Dock, which ran aground on the Fish Pier end, South Shields, on the night of 9th January last. Mr J. P. Dodds appeared for plain tiff and Botterell defended.

Source: Shields Daily Gazette 27 February 1880