Date of Service: 8/9 Jan 1917

Name of Station: Marsden

No. of Coastguardsmen engaged: 3

No. of enrolled volunteers engaged: 9

No. of Assistants engaged: 10

Name and description of Vessel with place of casualty: “Kitty” Norwegian. 200 yards S. of Marsden Rock

No. of lives saved by Apparatus: 6

No. of Lives lost: 1

Particulars of the Service (The time stated in this column refers in each case to the time of the arrival of the apparatus at the scene of the casualty.): Wind E.N. E., force 9. Time midnight. Communication was obtained with the first rocket and two men were landed by means of the hawser. The vessel began to roll and it was necessary to keep the hawser hand-taut. Two men endeavoured to come ashore together in the breeches buoy and one was jerked out and lost. The vessel then swung round and drifted inshore rendering the gear unworkable, but the cliff ladders were let down and made fast on board. The Coastguards took turns in going down to assist the three survivors who were benumbed with cold.

Source:  1920[Cmd. 1002]Rocket life-saving apparatus. Report of the Board of Trade on the life-saving apparatus on the coasts of the United Kingdom for the four years ended 30th. June 1920