J. P. Frecker

About half-past two o'clock a vessel came ashore midway between the South Pier and the Trow Rocks. The rocket and apparatus was then taken down the railway which runs past the Bents, and a line was thrown over the stranded vessel. This again was not taken advantage of, and the crew remained on board until five o’clock, when the tide had so far receded that they were able to leave her. With the assistance of the brigadesmen they were got ashore, and then taken to the Watch House, where they were supplied with provisions and warm dry clothing. She was found to be the schooner J. P. Frecker, of Kirkcaldy, from London for Frazerburg (hoops), and had crew of seven hands, all of whom were saved. When the vessel came ashore two of the brigadesmen, named Thomas Wood and Wm. Croat, had a narrow escape from be drowned. They ran along the beach towards the stranded vessel, and before they were aware of the danger surrounded by the tide and left the miniature island. They fortunately got hold a balk of timber from the wreck of the Henry Cooke, and managed to reach one of the bathing regulation posts. They held this for some time, when they began to fear that it would be carried away by the floating timber from the wreck. They again caught hold of balk, but- were once or twice washed off before reached a place of safety. The other members of the brigade, who were upon the railway firing rockets over the schooner, heard the cries of their comrades, but concluded that must be the voices of some of the crew the Henry Cooke, and were surprised, when they got near them, to find that they had on the caps belonging to the brigade. They had a very narrow escape indeed, and wore almost exhausted. They were taken to the Watch House, and supplied with refreshments and dry clothes, but, nothing daunted, the brave fellows remained on duty. Three coastguardsmen, named Hicks, Harvey, and Halcrow, also rendered valuable assistance in the firing of the rockets. Great credit is due to the members and officers of the brigade, the Rev. P. H. Moore, Capt. Cottew, Capt. Cay, Capt, Whitelaw, S. Malcolm, Deputy-captain Houlsby G. R. Potts, Robert Wells, B. Heron and others for the energy they displayed on the occasion. As soon as daylight set in the scene of the wrecks was visited by large numbers of persons. The sea swept up the Narrows, and considerable damage was done to the pilot cobles at the Coble Landing. A steam-tug broke adrift, and drove athwart the ways of the life-boat house. The weather continues boisterous with heavy sea, and occasional showers hail and rain.

Source: Shields Daily Gazette 9 December 1874

Tenders wanted for taking off the schooner J.P.FRECKER stranded south of Herd Sands, South Shields.

Ross & Cowie,
32 Quayside,

Source: Shields Daily Gazette 21 December 1874