So far, few accidents have been reported in consequence of the storm, but a brig, the Jenny, of Whitby, got upon the rocks near Whitburn Steel, about half-past one on Sunday morning. The crew were taken off by the lifeboat, and last night there was nothing to be seen of the Jenny.

Source: Shields Daily Gazette 2 December 1867


MR GLOVER has been favored with instructions to SELL, at Whitburn on Friday, December the 6th, 1867, at Twelve o'Clock, the HULL of the brig Jenny, of Whitby, as she may then lay on the Sands at Whitburn, also the Masts, Bowsprit, Yards, Sails, Towlines, Warps, Blocks, Standing and Running Rigging, Chains, 2 Metal Pumps, Anchors and Cables, 1 Cable (nearly new), &c.

South Shields, Dec. 4, 1867.

Source: Shields Daily Gazette 4 December 1867