London, Sept 15 — Following received from Coastguard Tyne-Tees MRSC:

Timed 0742, UTC: Mv Insistence, GUMD, had machinery failure in lat 55 DON, long 01 25W, off River Tyne piers, al 0641, UTC Four persons on board. Wind north-norlh-easl, force 7 (near gale), sea very rough, heavy swell. Helicopter scrambled, Tyne lifeboat launched, Tyne pilot cutter proceeded and auxiliary Coastguard companies called out. All four crew rescued by helicopter. Vessel now aground off River Tyne south pier. Auxiliary Coastguards remaining on scene.

Timed 0937, UTC: Insistence is carrying between eight and 10 tones of gas oil and three-quarters of a ton of lubricating oil. Vessel appears to be aground and not moving. There is no sign of any pollution al present. The tug company cannot get a line on board and at present there are no plans to salve. Representative of company is proceeding to harbour­master's office. South Shields Volunteer Life Brigade standing by vessel and keeping Tyne-Tees MRSC fully informed.

Timed 1027, UTC: Insistence now has some movement and is about 80-90 m off the south Tyne pier. No signs of any pollution from vessel at this lime. Information from Tyne Tugs: Person on scene does not think salvage will take place today. Not known how much cable vessel has out and anchor is unlikely to hold in his opinion. If anchor does hold there is still a chance that vessel will swing round and break up on rocks. United Towing Ltd will be assisting in salvage operation.

Newcastle upon Tyne, Sept 15 — Mv Insistence left Spillers Quay, Newcastle, after discharge am today for Rotterdam. When vessel clearing piers of main entrance, she had main engine failure and ran aground. Four crew airlifted by helicopter. Tugs awaiting improvement in weather.

Source: Lloyd's Agents.