S.S. Hauxley

Collision off the Tyne

A collision occurred off the Tyne night between the s.s. Mokta, bound for Oran, and the Hauxley, bound from Hoboken, the latter vessel being damaged to the extent that she had to be beached on South Shields sands to be saved. Mokta put back to the Tyne with bow damage.

Source: Hartlepool Mail 27 August 1929

26th Aug. 1929

S.S. Hauxley of Newcastle upon Tyne in collision with S.S. Mokta 1 mile east mouth of the River Tyne. Mokta proceeded up harbour. Hauxley badly holed and beached on Herd Sands to prevent sinking. Wind SSE 1 BCM Vis 5 Sea 1 Tynemouth MLB and all authorities informed. S.O. Proceeded to scene of casualty and found no assistance was required.

Source: H. M. Coastguard Permanent Station Record