Eugenia Chandris

The Eugenia Chandris collided with the steamer Exmouth and then struck the wreck of the Oslofjord and was beached on the Herd Sand on 15 March 1943.

Although the wreck is well documented, it has not yet been possible to find a contemporary account of the incident.

Tyne Sea “Monster”

A sea monster is stated to have been seen off the Tyne. Its head and neck projected five to six feet above the surface, and its back was eight to nine feet across.

The story is vouched for by the skipper and crew the salvage ship the Black Eagle, of North Shields. The skipper is Andrew Lownie, of Kincardine, and the Black Eagle is working at the wreck of the Eugenia Chandris on the Trow Rocks. The monster was seen on Tuesday evening.

Source: Hartlepool Mail 20 July 1945