Dashing Spray

1st Sept 31

Steam Drifter Dashing Spray ran ashore on herd sands during dense fog 1800 all authorities informed. Vessel refloated at 23 45 and proceeded upriver in tow of tugs.

Source: Permanent Station Record, H.M. Coastguard Station

Five Herring Drifters Ashore Near River Mouth
Expected They will Refloat at High Water

During a dense fog this morning five herring drifters went ashore at or near the mouth of the river Tyne, the Lucy McKay of Kirkcaldy, on Blackmiddens mouth of the Tyne; the Oakland, of Yarmouth, near Saint Mary’s Island; the Dashing Spray, of Yarmouth, behind the groyne at South Shields; Exfortis, of Lowestoft, on the south pier end blocks; and the Nil Desperandum, of Lowestoft, at Marsden, South Shields.

The motor lifeboat Henry Frederick Swan made two trips in the fog to render assistance if needed, but her services were not required. In every case the crews remained on board and expect to float at high water, their boats being in no danger as long as the prevailing calm lasts.

The general navigation of the Tyne is held up by fog.

Source: Lancashire Evening Post 1 September 1931