Feared Disaster to a Schooner

It is now feared that some disaster has occurred to the schooner Athena. Last week a name board bearing the word "Athena," was picked up on the beach at South Shields. This was shortly afterwards followed by the finding of another piece of wood bearing the name “Thuro". It was concluded that these were two different name boards, but on making inquiries this is not to the case. Thuro is the name of a Danish port not far from Svendberg and the Danish schooner Athena was registered as Thuro, it is supposed that she has come to grief in the gale. The Athena frequently traded to the Tyne but it is not exactly known whether she was bound to Shields or to Scotland on this occasion.

Source: Shields Daily Gazette 18 November 1901

Loss of the Athena
Six Hands Drowned

Our shipping reporter, writing to-day, says it is now beyond all doubt that the Danish schooner Athena, belonging to the port of Thuro, has foundered in the recent gale. It is supposed that the lights of a vessel, which were seen south of the Tyne on Tuesday night and afterwards disappear, were those of the Athena. In proof of this, among a large quantity wreckage found was the name board, bearing the word “Athena", also the vessel's boat, which was washed ashore near Marsden. The ships register was likewise discovered among the wreckage, giving the port and all the necessary particulars appertaining to the ill-fated Athena. Captain Gensen, a Danish shipmaster, whose vessel is now in the Tyne and belonging to the same port as the Athena, viewed the two unknown bodies to-day lying at the mortuary. South Shields, and is of the opinion that the deceased were of Danish birth, and therefore it is supposed that they were two of the crew of that vessel, The Athena was under the command of Captain Hansen, and was proceeding from Goole, bound North-about, when she foundered. The late captain was very well-known at North Shields, where had traded for many years. The Athena carried a crew of six hands all told.

Source: Shields Daily Gazette 20 November 1901

The Loss of the Athena
Another Body Found

Yesterday morning, another body was washed ashore in Frenchman's Bay, near South Shields. The features of the deceased are unrecognisable, but it was found that the deceased wore a gold ring on the third finger of the right hand. It is supposed that the body that Captain Hanson, of the ill-fated Athena. It is conjectured that the Athena foundered off Souter Point in the recent storm. She was on a passage from Goole bound to Scotland.

Source: Shields Daily Gazette 25 November 1901