Salmon Boat Run Down in Shields Harbour
Narrow Escape of the Fisherman

About midnight, while the salmon boat Alice was returning from sea and was sailing with a light northerly wind up the harbour, near to the Groyne Light, she came into collision with a schooner which was being towed off to sea. The tug-boat, we are informed, showed the starboard light to the Alice, which was exhibiting her only light. Suddenly the tugboat bore down to the south side, and ran across to the salmon boat's bows, only just clearing her, but the schooner was being towed too rapidly to pass the same side, and therefore collided with the salmon boat, striking it with her starboard bow, knocking down the mast, smashing in the bow, and throwing the two men overboard, one of them under the fallen mast and sail. The tug Warrior went speedily to the assistance of the fishermen, and rendered all possible help, but the boat was so smashed that she only floated a few minutes. All that was saved of the boats and her nets was one oar and the tow rope. This will cause a loss of about £30, besides throwing the men out of employment, and entailing much lost time just at the approach of the salmon season.

Source: Shields Daily Gazette 7 June 1895