Annie of Rye

It was when the storm was blowing its fiercest, and when relatives of those out sea were making their way down to the Low Lights, that three guns were fired from the Spanish battery Tynemouth, and showed that already there was some craft distress. The volley from the Spanish battery was immediately succeeded by three booms from H.M.S. Castor, a sign for the lifeboat to be launched. The Tynemouth Life Brigade in a short time assembled, the Northumberland was launched, and was pulled lustily out to sea. By this time some hundreds of people alarmed by the guns, had gone down to the Low Lights and about the Banks, and despite the bleak wind and heavy rain kept their ground until the return of the lifeboat, whose crew announced that a small schooner had gone ashore near Manhaven, and that the crew, numbering seven, were being rescued by the rocket apparatus. It seems from further information that the schooner in question was the Annie, from Rye. She was being towed down from the southward by the Robert Pow, when the rope broke and she drifted ashore. She immediately exhibited signals of dis. tress, which were seen by the Coastguard, and caused the firing the guns. The lifeboats from both South Shields and Tynemouth had gone out, but could not reach her, and six of the crew were eventually rescued by the rocket apparatus. The other seaman swam ashore. The vessel has since gone to pieces. The storm continued to blow with equal fierceness, and the Northumberland lifeboat was left ready to be launched at a moment's notice.

Source: Shields Daily Gazette 16th of June 1869

Same day June 15th 1869 [from previous entry] List of the crew of the Northumberland Life Boat proceeded to the Anne of Rye

She was manned by

Henry Appleby

Geo Emmerson

John Heron

Joseph Watson

John Sadler

Andrew Elsdon

James Smith

Thos Appleby

Edward Burn

James Sadler

Robert Almer sen

Robert Almer jun

Robert Hardy

Edward Turner

Daniel Cowell

John Shipley

Will Walker

Henry Sadler

Will Donkin


Rich Boyle

Gilbert Boyle

George Cook

Ralph Phillips

Source: Tynemouth Lifeboat Institute Service Record