Group Photographs 1980s

1980 Cliff Rescue Team

Back Row

David Robertson

Ian Stratford

Front Row

Brian Burnett

Ian Robertson

Fred Waters

Tom Fennelly

Source: Sunderland Echo 22 May 1980

1980 Wearside Shipowners' Shield and Elizabethan Trophy 1979

Back Row

I. Guthery

A. Ward


D. Downs

I. Stratford


Middle Row

C.W. Fennelly

B. Burnett

V. Coulson

T. Jago

D. Robertson

A. Robertson

B. Troupe

Middle Row (continued)

B. Finlay

T.P. Fennelly

L. Atkinson

B. Teale

Front Row

Dep. Capt. D. Teale

Aux. in Charge H.M. Clavery

President J. Landells

Capt. I. Robertson

H.M. Coast Guard Sector Officer T. Holsbrother

1980 Wearside Shipowners’ Shield and Elizabethan Trophy 1979

President John Landells

Hon. Sec. Tom Fennelly

Aux. in Charge Herb. Clavery

Capt. Ian Robertson


Back Row

T P Fennelly

G. Coulson

Middle Row

C Fennelly

W M Robertson



Val Coulson

H Clavery

J Landells

Front row

D Robertson

M Taylor

S Landells



B Teale

A Ward