Group Photographs 1960s

Centenary 1866-1966

Back Row

G. Downs

D. Teale



A. Ward

I. Robertson

Third Row



A. Clavery

B. Finlay

M. Johnson


Second Row

J. Askew

J.E. Ferrier

A. Robertson

R. Orr

Front Row

Capt. H.M. Clavery

Sen. Capt. D. Tinning


1966 Centenary Dinner

Left hand side

Captain H. M. Clavery

Coastguard District Officer J. Sweeny

Mayor of South Shields Ald. E Mackley

Centre and right hand side

President of S.S.V.L.B. Lt Col. R S Chipchase

Vice President Mr. M W Thompson

Hon Secretary of S.S. V.L.B.
G. T. Talbot

Captain D. E. Tinning

1969 Long-Service Medals

Commander P J H Barlett Chief Inspector of H M Coastguard

A P Clavery

D E Tinning

The Presentation of clasps to their Long Service medals to A. P. Clavery 37 years and D. E. Tinning 40 years of service to both H M Coastguard and South Shields Volunteer Life Brigade Monday 14th of April 1969

1960s MKIII Rocket Instruction

A. Robertson


D. Tinning

B. Finlay

H. Clavery

1963 Stowing the Rocket Line

Deputy Captain
Roland Teale

Ian Robertson

Captain Don Tinning


1967 Hand-held Rocket Training

M. Johnson


I. Robertson

1968 Boat Naming 18 April

Main Group Left

J.W. Dawson

President R. S. Chipchase



Main Group Right

Rev. A.A. Reid

Capt. H.M. Clavery

Dept. Capt. A. Robertson

1968 Boat Handling Training 20 April

I Harris

Instructor Capt. D. Atkinson

I. Robertson