Events 1932


28 January

On January 28th, the Chief Inspector of the Coastguard and L.S.A. accompanied by Captain Bowles, Inspector N.E. District, visited the Brigade House, and met the president (Mr S. Malcolm) Captains James Page, F. Oliver and J.M. Middleton and the Honorary Secretary, the District Officer also being present. The question of the Coastguard being withdrawn from South Shields was thoroughly discussed and every reason possible urged upon the Chief Inspector for the retention of the Coastguard at South Shields. After a lengthy discussion, the Chief Inspector informed those present that the ultimate decision would rest with the Board of Trade, whose decision would eventually be conveyed to the Brigade, and later the Board of Trade intimated to the Brigade that the Coastguard would remain at South Shields. The Members of the Brigade are to be congratulated on the result.

Source: Annual Report 1932




Marsden Coastguards

Marsden Coastguard Station is to be closed. This decision Is contained in a letter from the Mercantile Marine Department of the Board of Trade to South Shields Volunteer Life Brigade.

Feeling their existence as a life-saving body was seriously threatened by the original proposal to close the South Pier Station at South Shields officials of the Life Brigade took the matter up.

Source: Sunderland Daily Echo 12 April 1932


16 May

On the 16th May, Captain J. W. Buckland died. His connection with the Brigade begun in January, 1875, and for some years he was Senior Captain. On resigning the Senior Captaincy, he was appointed Honorary House Captain and Assistant Secretary, and to the end he maintained a keen interest in the activities of the Brigade. The Brigade attended his funeral at Harton Cemetery on the 18th May.

Source: Annual Report 1932



2 July

On July 2nd, the “Chronicle” Cup Competition took place at 6.30 p.m. – Deputy Captain J. T. Robson being in charge of the Team. The Team carried out an excellent competition drill and eventually obtained fourth place in the competition, there being very few points between the first four Teams.

Source: Annual Report 1932

Awarded 2nd Place
Roker Volunteer Brigade’s Good Display

Second place was gained by Roker Volunteer Life Brigade under Captain Urwin in the annual cup competition for Volunteer Life Brigades. Sunderland South were fifth.

Inspector of H.M. Coastguards, Mr G. P. Bowles, R.N., adjudicated and the following are the results: —

1. Blyth North Life-Saving Company. 144.0 points; 2. Roker Volunteer Life Brigade, 139.2; 3. Seaton Sluice Life-Saving Company. 137.1; 4 South Shields Volunteer Life Brigade. 133.5; Sunderland (South) Volunteer Life Brigade. 120.3; 6. Holy Island Life-Saving Brigade, 120,2; 7. Boulmer Life-Saving Company. 113.0; 8. Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade. 111.0; 9. Craster Life-Saving Company, 108.0; 10. Cresswell Life-Saving Company. 91.8; 11. Berwick Life-Saving Company. 72.0; 12. Seaham Harbour Life-Saving Company. 56.0.

Source: Sunderland Daily Echo 6 July 1932

23 July

On July 23rd, the Wearside Shipowners’ Shield Competition was held on the Drill ground of the Brigade at the South Pier, commencing at 2.30 p.m. and continued until about 8 p.m., the competing teams carrying out the practice on the one day and on the same ground. Tynemouth were awarded 1st place and Shields 2nd. On this occasion the visiting teams and friends were entertained to tea in the Brigade House, and the result of the competition was made known by the umpire before leaving.

Source: Annual Report 1932

Life Saving Shield

Tynemouth retained possession in the annual contest for the Wearside Shipowners' Shield at South Shields on Saturday, when the placings and points were: —

1, Tynemouth Life Brigade, 108.9 points; 2. South Shields, 102.4 points: 3. Roker, 89.1 points; 4, Sunderland South Pier. 86.2 points.

Source: Sunderland Daily Echo 25 July 1932