Events 1931




6 and 7 March

Watch was kept on March 6th and 7th, there being a gale from South-east, also on September 3rd, during a North-east gale; and on various other occasions watch has been kept during part of the night owing to the weather.

Source: Annual Report 1931



16 May

On May 16th the Competition for the Wearside Shipowners’ Shield was held at Roker. A Team from South Shields competed, and the results announced by Captain Bowles, R. N., Inspector of Coastguards for the Tyne District, was as follows:- Tynemouth, 108 points, Roker, 104 points, South Shields 100 points, and Sunderland 63 points.

Source: Annual Report 1931



1 July

On July 1st the “Chronicle” Cup Competition Drill took place on the Drill Ground near the South Pier. Our Team had attended many practices and worked themselves up to a high state of efficiency. The Inspector complimented them on their Drill. The result was not made known until after all Brigades and Companies had competed. The Seaton Sluice Company eventually won the Cup.

Source: Annual Report 1931

4 July

We have lost an old Brigadesman during the year. On the 4th July G. H. Stephenson died. He had been a member for 33 years. A detachment of the Brigade attended his funeral.

Source: Annual Report 1931

13 July

On July 13th the Brigade attended the Service of the British Legion, which owing to wet weather was held in the Spa.

Source: Annual Report 1931


3 August

On August 3rd a Crew from the Brigade, consisting of Brigadesmen Jamieson, Appleby, C. Mathews, Preston and Deputy Captain Whittaker (Cox) were again successful in winning the Moffat Challenge Cup at Sunderland Regatta, held at Roker.

Source: Annual Report 1931

Roker Regatta

In the river the four-oared rowing event, which was confined to crews of volunteer life brigades was won by South Shields, who in the final beat Roker “A” crew by two feet.

The results of the event were: -

Preliminary heat: Roker “A” beat Roker “B”: Sunderland “C” beat Sunderland “A”

Semi-final: South Shields beat Sunderland “B”: Roker “A” beat Sunderland “C”

Final: South Shields beat Sunderland “A”

Source Sunderland Daily Echo 3 August 1931


On August 3rd the Chief inspector of Coastguard and L.S.A., Captain Rashliegh, R.N., visited the Brigade House on his tour of duty.

Source: Annual Report 1931


2 September

On September 2nd, owing to dense fog, five drifters came ashore in different places in our area. Fortunately, the sea was calm and the services of the Brigade were not required.

Source: Annual Report 1931


3 October

On October 3rd a service drill took place at Frenchman’s Point. A rocket was fired and the hawser made fast below. The mast party used the cliff ladder to descend to the rocks below. A man was brought ashore, afterwards the wreck was supposed to shift its position and the gear moved to meet the circumstances and another man landed. At the conclusion of the Drill, Captain Bowles, R.N., presented Long Service Medals to Brigadesmen W. Wallace and Duncan Oliver, and in the course of his remarks complimented the Brigade on their work.

Source: Annual Report 1931


15 November

On November 15th the brigade attended St Hilda’s Church with the Mayor (Col. Chapman an Honorary Member of the Brigade).

Source: Annual Report 1931


27 December

On Sunday, December 27th, a strong contingent of the brigade attended the usual Memorial Service at St Stephen’s Church, to the Pilots who lost their lives in the cutter “Protector”, on December 31st, 1916. The preacher being The Right Rev. the Bishop of Jarrow.

Source: Annual Report 1931