Events 1929


and Statement of Receipts and Payments for the year
ending 31st December, 1929

Your Committee have pleasure in presenting the Sixty-Third Annual Report to the Members and Friends of the Brigade.

We have no casualties to report at the Mouth of the Tyne. The winds that have been so destructive on the West Coast did not affect us here to such an extent that our services were required. We have, however, kept ourselves efficient by the uaual monthly Drills and Cliff Ladder Drills at the Trow Rocks and on Winter evenings by practising in the Brigade House.

On February 2nd, after the monthly rocket drill, Captain Bacchus, R.N., Inspector of Life saving Apparatus presented long service Medals to the following Brigadesmen: David Ramsey, James Kyle, W. Brown, H. Shields, and J. T. Robson, and later in the year he presented a Medal to R. Grenyer.

During the Winter months of the last two years, Whist Drives were held in the Brigade House for Members and friends. Owing to the generosity of many friends who gave prizes, a small balance was left which was expended in buying plant for fitting the House with electric light. This was completed on February 25th by Brigadesman Salkeld and Jamieson, assisted by Messrs. White and Whiffan, Coastguards. Our thanks are due to them for their voluntary work.

On June 26th Brigadesman C. Mathews saved a bather named Potts, of Bede Street, Tyne Dock, from droning near Trow Rocks. It appears that this man had swum out too far. Mathews, seeing this, threw off some clothes and rushed in , succeeding in getting the bather ashore, assisted by Deputy Captain J. A. Mathews and others. On November 6th, he was presented with the Parchment Certificate of the Royal Humane Society by the Mayor (Alderman Dunlop).

On June 28th, Captain Rundle, R. N., Inspector General of Life Saving Apparatus, inspected the Coast Guard Station and Rocket House, also saw the Telephone arrangements in the Tower. There was no muster of the Brigade, as the time of his visit was not suitable.

On July 14th, the Brigade attended the Service in the South Park arranged by the British Legion, when Countess Haig was present and gave an address. The preacher on this occasion was the Reverend Hastings Shaddick.

On October 26th, the Brigade competed for the Wearside Shipowners’ Trophy which was won by Tynemouth Brigade, our Brigade being second. The Chief Umpire, Captain Bacchus, R. N., congratulated Deputy Captain Robson and the Team upon their excellent performance.

On November 10th, the Brigade attended the usual Parade on Mayor’s Sunday at St Hilda Church.

On December 29th, a Memorial Service was held at St Stephen’s Church to perpetuate by means of a Bronze Tablet the names of those Shields’ Pilots and the Crew of the Cutter “Protector”, which was destroyed by mine or torpedo at the mouth of the Tyne on New Year’s Day 1916. The Brigade attended this service.

The Committee report with regret the death of Mr Joseph Dixon, who was Brigade Watchman and Caretaker, and who died after a short illness on 21st January. A Service was held in St Aiden’s Church on 24th January, where Members of the Brigade were present, and attended his Funeral at Harton Cemetery. On October 3rd, Mr Charles Fleming, a former Member of the Brigade, died. Several Members of the Brigade attended his Funeral at Westoe Cemetery on 7th October.

We again heartily thank our Honorary Members for the support they have given us, and it is chiefly due to the financial assistance we have received from our honorary Members and subscribers that the Brigade can continue its work. During the year the Brigade received a legacy of £25 from the late Mrs I. Newton, which greatly augmented the funds of the Brigade. The Honorary Treasurer, Captain James Page, 67 King Street, South Shields, will be pleased at any time to receive and acknowledge subscriptions and donations. We still have vacancies for new Members and the Committee are ready to receive the names of any suitable men who desire to join the Brigade.