Events 1927


and Statement of receipts and Payments for Year ending
31st December, 1927

The Committee has much pleasure in presenting the Sixty-first Annual Report to members and friends of the Brigade.

The year has been singularly free from any serious casualty at the mouth of the river, so we have had to keep ourselves efficient by our monthly drills and dummy drills inside the house on winter evenings.

As our district has been extended to Souter Point we have been supplied with a cliff ladder for use on the coast between Trow Rocks and Souter Lighthouse. This ladder was tried at drill on December 3rd, and will no doubt be of great use when necessary.

On January 6th a detachment of the Brigade attended the funeral of Deputy Captain Thomas Newby, who had retired a few years ago, but still kept up his interest in the Brigade and appeared for the last time at our supper on January 15th, 1926.

On September 25th Dr Harland our Medical officer, died very suddenly. His funeral was attended by six of the Officers, who acted as pall bearers.

On September 9th Captain Rashleigh, R.N., Inspector-General of Life-Saving Apparatus, visited our station. He examined the gear wagons and all connected with the station and expressed himself satisfied with everything. He inspected the newly installed telephone between the Brigade House Tower and the Coastguard Station.

We had some severe gales in November and December. Continuous watch was kept on Saturday 19th, Sunday the 20th, Monday the 21st of November and ceased on the morning of the 22nd, also on December 24th, 25th and 26th, when there was a strong gale from the north, with blinding snow squalls every now and then.

The Committee has arranged a series of whist drives for the members and their lady friends. We have had two, and they seem to be popular so far.

From the balance sheet it will be seen that there is a debit balance of £39/5/8. It is by exercising the most stringent economy that we are able to meet our liabilities, and it is chiefly due to the fact that we receive financial assistance from our Honorary Members and Subscribers that the Brigade can continue its work. We are anxious to enrol more honorary members; this incurs a subscription to the funds of £1/1/0 per annum. Smaller donations will also be welcome. The Honorary Treasurer (Capt. Jas. Page), 67 King Street, South Shields, will be pleased to receive and acknowledge same.

We still have some vacancies in the Brigade for new members, and the Committee are ready to receive the names of any suitable men who are desirous of joining the Brigade.