Events 1923

Annual Report for the Year 1923

The Committee present the Annual Report for the year ending December 31st, 1923.

Owing to the very mild winter few watches were necessary.

SUNDAY FEBRUARY 18.- The weather for some days had been rather stormy with rain showers, then hail, and strong south-easterly winds, the sea being much disturbed. On the Sunday the wind increased with heavy showers of hail and sleet. Watch was kept. There was a good attendance of members.

INSPECTION.- On June 22nd the Brigade was inspected by Capt Aplin, R. N. , Inspector General Of Life Brigades and Companies. Capt Aplin inspected the Gear, Rocket Lines, Whips, Hawsers, etc, and found all in good condition. He then put the Brigade through the Rocket Drill and expressed himself highly satisfied.

MEMORIAL SERVICE.- On July 18th, the Brigade attended a memorial service held in the South Park. The Memorial Service is arranged each year by the British Legion to commemorate the death of those who lost their lives in the Great War. It was largely attended by the 74th Brigade R. F. A., Mayor and Corporation, Cadets, Scouts and other public bodies.

“CHRONICLE” CUP COMPETITION. – The cup was given by the “Newcastle Chronicle” for excellence in drill etc., and is a Challenge Cup to be competed for each year. The team has to consist of 15 members and an officer. After being in abeyance for some years. it has been revived again this year, and our team, under the command of Capt. Page, were successful in carrying off the Cup for the year. There were about twelve competing teams from different stations, each having their drill on their own ground, the different parts of the drill being done against time, Capt. Betts, R. N., Inspector of Coastguards, being Judge and Umpire. Our operations took place on the beach near the Brigade House, Capt. Betts being accompanied by District officers from Seaham and Blyth. The drill was smartly executed, and at the close the Inspecting officers announced that South Shields had a clear majority of points over the rest of the competing teams, and were therefore the holders for the year of the “Chronicle” Cup. Mr R. Y. Carter, of South Shields, acted as timekeeper. Roker team was placed second, and Tynemouth third. Our team was: Brigadesmen Robertson, Robson, Jamieson, Brown, Grenyer, Preston, Macintosh, Wallace, Loades, Ramsay, C. Mathews, Spence, Crosbie, Laidler, and Dept. Captain Mathews; wreck party Macdonell and Whitaker. Capt. Betts congratulated the team on winning the Cup, and Capt. Page returned thanks. Previous to the drill, the Inspector presented Dept. Capt, Watts with the Brigades and Companies King’s Long Service Medal, the recipient having completed 20 year’s good and efficient service in the Brigade.

MAYOR’S SUNDAY. - On November 11th, the Brigade was invited by the Mayor to accompany him and the Corporation to the usual service at St. Hilda’s Church. The sermon was preached by Bishop Welldon, Dean of Durham, and there was a crowded congregation.

SMOKING CONCERT AND PRESENTATION OF THE “CHRONICLE” CUP. – The “Chronicle” Cup recently won for the year by the S.S.V.L.B. was presented by Sir Joseph Reed on December 13th. The occasion was celebrated by a Smoking Concert, held in the Watch House, our President, Mr Malcolm, being in the chair, supported bon either side by Sir Joseph Reed,  the Mayor (Councillor Druery), the Officers and many Honorary Members and friends. A good muster of brigadesmen filled the room to its utmost capacity. Sir Joseph Reed when presenting the Cup, made a very happy speech and congratulated the Brigade on their success. Capt. Page thanked Sir Joseph for the kind and gracious manner in which he had presented the Cup and thanked him in the name of the Brigade for his presence among them and the trouble he had taken to keep the engagement with them. Capt. Betts, R.N., Inspector of Coastguards, who was Judge on the occasion of the competition, paid a high tribute to the qualities of the S.S. Brigade. When he called upon the “Chronicle” Directors they kindly gave him permission to extend the competition for the Cup this year to the coast of Northumberland, and he was hoping to see 27 entries this year. The team ere then photographed, and each member was presented with a gold medal by the Mayor, which had been subscribed for by various friends of the Brigade. The Chairman, Mr Malcolm, congratulated the Brigade on winning the Cup, and gave various anecdotes and reminiscences of the early days of the Brigade. The remainder of the evening was given up to a concert, and the proceedings terminated with “God Save the King”, sung by all present.