Events 1922

Annual Report for the Year 1922

The Committee have pleasure in submitting the following report for the year ending December 31st, 1922.

Owing to such an open season very few watches were necessary and were held as follows:-

January 25.- A south-east gale with heavy rain and sleet. The gale began on the previous day with snow squalls and strong wind.  Watch kept till after midnight.

February 3rd.-A south-south-east gale with heavy sea and rain. Watch commenced in the afternoon, with a fairly good muster of members, which increased as the evening went on. Several vessels entered the harbour in safety, but watch kept till morning. On this occasion, Mr James Grant, Hon. Member, who had kept watch with us all night, intimated that he would present to the Brigade an Aneroid Barometer to take the place of the Fitzroy Barometer that we had had for so many years, and which was very much out of order. This Aneroid, which is placed near a north window, is not only greatly appreciated by the Brigade, but often consulted by people going along the Pier, especially by seafaring men.
July 9th.- The Brigade attended a Memorial Service held in the South Park. This Memorial Parade  and Service was arranged by the British legion to commemorate the death of all those who lost their lives in the War. The Service was conducted by the Revd. Mr Pryke, Vicar of St Aiden’s, and was attended by the Major and Corporation, the 7th Brigade R.F.A Cadets, Scouts and other public bodies.

August 21st.- The Brigade was inspected by Capt. Daintree, R. N., His Majesty’s Inspector of Life Saving Apparatus, who was accompanied by Commander Hamilton Gordon, Divisional Officer. Capt. Daintree gave a very practical illustration of restoring the apparently drowned, as taught him by Professor Schafer, who is the greatest authority on the subject and whose method is now adopted by the Royal Navy and St John Ambulance Brigade. Capt. Daintree afterwards presented the King’s Long Service Medal to the following Brigadesmen, who had completed 20 year’s “good and effective” service: J. L. Fitzpatrick, Thos Crosbie, C. Fleming, J. Barbour and J. Whitaker. This ceremony concluded the inspection. In the course of his speech Capt. Daintree expressed his satisfaction with the Brigade, the appearance of the House, and the way the drill was carried out.

November 12th. -  The Brigade attended St. Hilda’s Church with the Mayor (Counc. E. Smith), the Corporation, and other public bodies. The Lord Bishop of Durham preached a sterling and heartfelt sermon to a very full congregation.

The Searchlight Division has kept the engine and light in good order during the year, and praise is due to them for their constant attention.

Classes have been held for instruction in the Rocket Drill, and all members now have a good knowledge of the apparatus.

From the Balance-sheet it will be seen that there is an overdraft at the Bank amounting to £52 19s. 3d.. This is £37 less than the previous year, for which we have to thank the Honorary Members for their donations to our funds. The Committee is anxious that this adverse balance be paid off, and further Honorary Members are desired. The Honorary Treasurer, Capt. Page, will be pleased to receive donations. It should be pointed out that an annual subscription of one guinea entitles the Donor to be an Honorary Member.