Events 1920

Annual Report for the year 1920

This has been a most uneventful year. There have been no wrecks and only on two occasions, December 4th and December 12th, has it been necessary to keep watch. On November 14th the Brigade attended St Hilda’s Church on the invitation of the Mayor (Coun. A. D. Johnston).  There was a large number of various public bodies and friends. About 40 of the Brigade attended. As will be seen by the Cash statement, a considerable sum of money has been spent this year in repairing, painting and decorating the Brigade House as well as installing new heating apparatus and new stoves in both rooms. To do this we have had to appeal to our friends for help, and, as will be seen, so far with good results, for which we are very thankful. It will be necessary to try to get further help so that this coming year will find us free from debt. On June 28th the Brigade was inspected by Capt. Daintree, R. N., one of His Majesty’s Inspectors of Life Saving Apparatus, when a rocket drill was gone through to his satisfaction, and he carefully examined all the gear in charge of the Coastguards. The Brigade lost two of its oldest members by the death of Mr David Cook and Mr W. E. Moffett, who were always most assiduous in their duties as Brigadesmen.

Member’s Names
For year ending December 31st, 1920

Efficient members

1st Division

Page, James (Capt.)
Middleton, J. M. (D. Capt.)
Fleming, C.
Fitzpatrick, J. L.
Robson, John
Tait, James
Stephenson, G. H.
Werndly, James
Laidler, George
McDonnell, Hugh

2nd Division

Oliver, Fred. (Capt.)
Wattle, John (D. Capt.)
Cleet, John
Frazer, G. W.
Grenyer, Richard
Kyle, James
Mathews, Charles
Postgate, Thomas
Vasey, W. M.
Spence, J. W.
Crawford, T. P.

3rd Division

Harker, C. A. (Capt.)
Barbour, J (D. Capt.)
Gardner, R.
Jones, Thomas
Jamieson, J. A.
Middleton, R. O.
Shields, H.
Preston, T. F.
Wallace, W.
Straker, J. D.

4th Division

Shaw, C. E. (Capt.)
Mathews, J. A. (D. Capt.)
Ball, James
Crosbie, Thomas
Meikle, John
Robertson, A. G.
Whitaker, J.
Searchlight Division
Ogilvie, Duncan
Haw, Frank
Scrafton, C. D. (Supt.)
Macintosh, G. Y.
Dixon, Joseph
Riley, Charles
Brown, W.

Non-Efficient Members

Burn, J. E.
Campbell, John
Plews, David
Thompson, Edward
Whitaker, J., jun.
Woodhouse, M.
Brown, J. W.
Gentles, Thos.
Lawson, A.
Ramsay, David
Thompson, James
Smith, W. H.
Auty, G. W.
Johnson, J. G.
Peacock, G. W.
Watson, R. P.
Smith, James
Soulsby, T. S.
Boyack, Thomas
Frazer, J. G.
Briggs, C. E.
Johnson, James
Lake, Mark
Peacock, Jonathan
Swainston, John
Young, E. J.
Train, Thomas

Hon. Captain: T. B. Grimes
Hon. Surgeon: Dr G. R. Harland, Falstone House, Stanhope Road
House Captain: J. W. Buckland, 5 Winterbottom Street, South Shields