Events 1899


6 January

The Brigade attended the funeral of Honorary Captain Mabane.

Death of Ald. Mabane J.P.

The sad intelligence of the death of Ald. Thomas Grieves Mabane J.P., which took place at his residence in Salisbury Place, South Shields, last night, will be received in the borough by real and poignant regret. The sorrow will be all the greater by reason of the sudden and unexpected character of his demise, for was only among his most intimate friends that his illness was known. Up to few days ago he had apparently been enjoying his usual health. The first intimation of any ailment was given to his family after he returned home from a brief stay at Harrogate on Wednesdays last, and on the his medical attendant, Dr Dalziel, was called when was found to be suffering from an acute attack of pleurisy. He showed a slight improvement the following day, but pneumonia supervened, and on the Monday night he was prostrate. He rallied a little afterwards, but fell away again, and throughout yesterday it was apparent that his condition was a hopeless one. He gradually sank, and death took place a little after ten last night.

portrait of T. G. Mabane

The death of Ald. Mabane removes one of the best, known men from the public life of South Shields. He was associated in a useful degree with almost every phase of public work, and has left behind him a splendid record of work accomplished. In his profession as a solicitor, which he had practised since 1866, he was very successful, and up to a couple of years ago, when he was appointed a J.P., he was the senior solicitor practising at local courts. He relinquished that practice entirely when he was placed on the Commission for the Peace, sacrifice which must have been considerable. In 1884 he received the appointment of Registrar of the South Shields County Court, a position which he always filled with credit and painstaking care.

Of his public career it is impossible to speak to any local body in which he has not served his fellow townsmen usefully and well. He became a member of the Town Council in 1870, and fifteen years later was raised to the bench. In 1883 his colleagues did him the honour of appointing him to the mayoralty, and he was re-elected to that position the following year, his services rendered to the town during the period he filled the civic chair being of an estimable character, and making him exceedingly popular with all sections the community. He was always active in the discharge of his duties, and his counsel and advice was held in high esteem. Latterly he acted as chairman of the Parks Committee in the work of which he took a special interest. For something like six years he sat on the School Board as a staunch representative of the sectarian party. He also took very vigorous part in the work of the Board of Guardians, of which was one of the oldest members in the town. He twice went through the chair and up the time of his death he presided with much ability over the deliberations of the House Revision Committee. His sympathies were strong with the inmates of the house and in more than one way this kindly trait in his character manifested itself in a substantial way. As result he enjoyed exceeding popularity among the poor people there, and he was also held in very high regard by the members and officials of the Board. Mr Mabane’s appointment as a magistrate was delayed until 1896, when he immediately entered upon responsible duties of that office with marked zeal and ability, his long and varied experience of court work rendering him a most valuable acquisition the Bench. Ald. Mabane was energetic in all things to which he put his hand and heart. The South Shields Volunteer Life Brigade naturally claimed his sympathy and personal support. He was among the earliest of its members and in his younger days was always among the first to take his post of duty stormy weather. He was appointed captain, and subsequently on his retirement from active work was made honorary captain in recognition of his long and unselfish services.

T. G. Mabane in Durham Rifles

He was also a staunch and liberal supporter of the Ingham Infirmary. He was one the governors of the institution, and at one time held the chairmanship of the committee. It was largely due to his initiative efforts that the institution was placed on an improved and solid financial basis a time when its funds were likely to become impoverished to some extent. He threw himself into the work with commendable vigour, and as a result, when he retired from the chair five years ago, the funds of the Infirmary were a much better state than he found them in. In religion Mr Mabane was an ardent Churchman. He was Conservative in politics, and the same energy which he showed in other spheres of work was manifest in his political career. He took a foremost part in the establishing of a Unionist Club, and presided over the opening of the new premises in August last year.

Amongst Freemasons of the district, the late alderman was well-known and held in great esteem. His first entrance to that body dates as far back as 1870, when he became a member of St. Hilda's Lodge. Seven years later was W .M. of the lodge, and in the same year was made Provincial Grand Senior Deacon. In 1891 he founded and was first Worshipful Master of the Hedworth Lodge (No. 2,418). Three years afterwards the Right Worshipful Grand Master of the Province Durham (Sir Hedworth Williamson) in recognition of his services to Freemasonry, invested Bro. Mabane as Provincial Grand Junior Warden, the Provincial Grand Senior Wardenship in the same year being held by Lord Bernard.

To the end, Bro. Mabane was an enthusiastic member of the craft.

Mr Mabane was also a member of the South Shields Amateur Swimming Club, and for the last eight or nine years was its president. He was also at one time an active member of the South Shields Amateur Rowing Club; for a great number of years he took an active interest in the South Shields Cricket Club, and he was president of the South Shields Rugby Football Club, his interest in athletics being always well maintained. Of the South Choral Society Ald. Mabane was vice-president, an at all times did what he could to promote its prosperity.


Among other appointments which he filled with credit was that of chairman of the South Shields Chrysanthemum Society. He was also clerk the Hebburn Local Board. The deceased gentleman was 54 years old, a widower, and leaves two daughters and a son.



Before the ordinary business of the South Shields Police Court was commenced this morning, the Mayor (Councillor T. D. Marshall) made reference to the death of Ald. Mabane. He said it was with deep regret that he had to announce the death of their friend at the Bar and their colleague on the Bench, Ald. Thomas Grieves Mabane. It was only last week that he saw him and this morning as he said it was his painful duty to announce his death. Ald. Mabane had been a public man for many years. In 1870 he was elected councillor, and acted in that capacity up to 1885, when he was elected to the aldermanic bench and had remained in that office up the present time. It was in the year 1896 that he became a colleague on that Bench, but he was not new to the work because in 1883 he was chief magistrate of that borough. He was sure everyone would mourn his loss because a kinder friend and more open-hearted man they had not in their midst.

Mr J. H. Rennoldson said with the permission of the Bench he would like to add a word or two of regret at the sad news that had been received with reference to the death their colleague, Ald. Mabane. He believed it was a fact that he had gone in and out of that court for the last 32 years. The news of the death come as a shock to him, which was heavier still when they had been accustomed to see Ald. Mabane there in his official capacities as Registrar in the County Court, and practising in that Court, and also in the administration of justice. They would like go forth from the legal profession, to his family, an expression of their sincere regret at his early departure.

Mr C. W. Newlands also added a few words of regret at the loss the legal profession had sustained in the death of Ald. Mabane.

Mr W. E. O.  Scott also spoke and stated that while he was serving in the deceased alderman's office for five years they never had a wrong word the whole time he was there. He thought that Ald. Mabane was one of the most noted figures in the history of South Shields.

Mr Morant (Chief Constable), said on behalf of the members of the police force they deplored the sad news which reached them that morning. The police force indeed had always found the late alderman a great friend, and they would all miss him sadly.

The business the Court was then proceeded with.

Source: Shields Daily Gazette 4 January 1899


THE MEMBERS are requested to meet at Salisbury Place on Friday, the 6th inst. at 12 30 prompt, to attend the Funeral of the late Captain T. G. Mabane, Uniform to worn.

S. MALCOLM. Hon. Sec.

Source: Shields Daily Gazette 4 January 1899

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6 January

The Late Ald. Mabane
An Imposing Funeral

The body of the late Ald. T. G. Mabane, J.P., was conveyed to its last resting place in Harton Churchyard to-day amid every manifestation of public sympathy and respect. The wide popularity enjoyed by the deceased gentleman in public and private life brought together all sections of the community, and the cortege was one of the most imposing seen in the borough for many years. At the head was the Borough Police, who were charge of Inspectors Murray, and Burton, the chief constable being unavoidably absent. Then came the Freemasons, who turned out in large numbers, among them being many important office bearers, past and present, who were colleagues of the deceased in the craft. The mourning coaches came next, containing the relatives, and then followed the members of the Corporation and magistrates, members the School Board and Board of Guardians, representatives of friendly societies, directors and members of the Unionist Associations in the district, representatives of So. Shields Swimming Club, football club, and cricket club, &c, the rear being brought up by a very large following of the general public. The pall bearers were selected from the Volunteer Life Brigade of which deceased was an honorary member. They were Captains G. R. Potts, W. J. Buckland, G. Robson and J. Page deputy Captains Grimes and Newby, all of whom wore their uniform. The chief mourners were Mr A. V. Mabane (son), Mr C. R. Toomer (son-in-law), Mr J. R. Mabane (brother), Mr C. F. Shotton (brother-in-law), and Mr R. W. Graham. The cortege moved away from deceased’s residence a little before one o'clock in the presence of a large concourse of spectators, who had thronged each side of the road. The blinds were closely drawn in houses along almost the entire line of route. Among those who followed the deceased to the grave wore the Mayor South Shields (Mr T. D. Marshall), the Mayor of Jarrow (Mr R. Archbold), Town Clerk of South Shields (Mr J. Moore-Hayton), Ald. Wardie, J.P., Ald. Rennoldson, J.P., Ald. J. Imrie, J.P., Ald. J. Bowman, J.P., Ald. J. R. Lawson, J.P., Dr Armstrong, J.P., Mr  R. Purvis (magistrates' clerk), Mr James Readhead, JP., Dr Crease, Dr Drummond, Dr Dalziel, R. E. Binks, J.P., Col. Dawson, J.P., Ald. Smith, J.P., Councillors J. K. Lawson. jun., J.P., J. Grant, G. Wylie, J. Martin, A. H. Pettler, C. D. Miller, J. Cullen, T. Whiting, R. Lockley, P. Thornton, R. W. Thomson. J. M. Smith, J. Abbott, J. Noble, C. H. Marsh, W. E. O. Scott, G. T. Grey, J. T. Atkin, J. C. Pollard. L. Scott, G. H. Laing, and H. Hilton; Mr S. E. Burgess (Borough Surveyor), Dr Turnbull (Medical officer), Dr Bradley, Ald. Armstrong, J. W. Coulson (clerk to the Board of Guardians), Messrs C. W. Newlands, W. L. Robertson, C. W. Wood, R. F. Crosthwaite, W. Davidson, R. Jacks, R. Hudson, Prov. G. Sec, (Durham),and P. G. Swordbearer (England), F. H. Bennett (West Hartlepool) PPGJW., J. C. Moor (Sunderland), PPGJW., R. Hauxell,  J. Joel, and J. Hunter (North Shields, J. T. Reed, J. D. Todd, G. W. Hudson, J. Taylor, T. Coulson, T. Reed, J. W. Henderson, J. Graham, W. H. Curry, W. Allon, H. Young, H. Hind, C.E. Walton, F. B. Dobson, M. J. Wheatley,  J. Hunter, J. Grieves, G. P. Robson, W. T. Allen, C. T. Johnson, Prov. G.D. of C. R. Stewart, Prov. G. Treas., J. S Wilson, H. Potts, E. Lantebach,  J. J. Athey, T. D. Page, P. Morley, E. Hedefine, J. J. Runcieman, J. R. Wheldon, L. M. Snowdon, lsadore lsaacs (Sunderland), J R. Lackland, J. McDowell, W. Rowe, J. O. Smith, A. Smith, F. Hannay, A. Page, W. H. Horlington, J. Brown, G. Wilson, G. Scott, jun., T. W. D. Spence, F. H. Brockbanks, J. W. Blakey, A. Purvis, W. Davidson, Isaac Black, Councillors W. Dodds, and W. H. Storey  (North Shields), T. Whitfield J. Barker, C. Cockburn (secretary Conservative Association), A. Eltringham, W.S. Young, G. T. Scott, S. Peacock, V. R. Reah, T. Hornby, J. Foster, and others. Upwards of 40 private carriages were in the procession which was over half a mile long. At the churchyard an impressive ceremony was conducted by Canon Savage.

Source: Shields Daily Gazette 6 January 1899

5 January


THE NEXT DRILL will take place on Saturday Afternoon, the 7th January, at 3 30 o'clock.

S. MALCOLM, Hon. Sec.

Source: Shields Daily Gazette 5 January 1899

19 January

The Annual Dinner took place.


1 February


THE NEXT DRILL will take place on Saturday Afternoon the 4th of February, at 4 o'clock.

S. Malcolm, Hon. Sec.

Source: Shields Daily Gazette 1 February 1899


1 March

The Brigade was represented at the 21st Annual Dinner of the Sunderland Volunteer Life Brigade (South Division).

Sunderland Volunteer Life Brigade. —The South Shields Volunteer Life Brigade was represented at the 21st annual dinner of the Sunderland Volunteer Life Brigade (southern division), last night, by Capts. Buckland and Page, hon. secretary, S. Malcolm, and J. E. Purvis. Mr Malcolm acknowledged the toast of the visitors, and suggested that a joint committee the whole of the brigades in the district should be formed for the purpose of arranging an annual gathering of the whole of the members of the brigades. Captain Buckland was one of the contributors of the harmony of the evening.

Source: Shields Daily Gazette 2 March 1899

2 March



S. MALCOLM, Hon. Sec.

Source: Shields Daily Gazette 4 March 1899


1 April


THE NEXT DRILL will take place on Saturday Afternoon, the 1st of April, at six o'clock.

S. MALCOLM. Hon. Sec.

Source: Shields Daily Gazette 28 March 1899

14 April

The Brigade kept watch during a gale.

Severe Gale
High Sea on the Coast

The gale which broke over the North- East Coast early on Friday morning has continued with unabated force. The wind throughout the early hours of this morning blew with exceptional violence, practically suspending all shipping movements. Owing to the very high sea running the coast at daybreak, the entrance to the Tyne presented a wild appearance, terrific seas rolling into the harbour, and frequently the North Pier lighthouse was hidden from view. A watch was kept at the South Shields Volunteer Life-brigade House last night, but happily no casualties occurred. Several steamers arrived, but managed reach the river without any mishap.

Source: Shields Daily Gazette 15 April 1899


4 May 1899


THE NEXT DRILL will take place on SATURDAY AFTERNOON, the 6th May at 5 45 o'clock.

S. MALCOLM, Hon. Sec.

Source: Shields Daily Gazette 4 May 1899


3 June


THE NEXT DRILL will take place on SATURDAY AFTERNOON, the 3rd of June, 6 o'clock.

S. MALCOLM. Hon. Sec.

Source: Shields Daily Gazette 1 June 1899

10 June

The Brigade took part in the Newcastle Lifeboat Demonstration procession.


MEMBERS will meet at the Station on Saturday 10th inst., in uniform, time for the 1 30 p.m. train to Newcastle, and join the Lifeboat Demonstration Procession there.

S. MALCOLM, Hon. Sec.

Source: Shields Daily Gazette 9 June 1899


1 July


THE NEXT DRILL will take place on Saturday Afternoon, the 1st of July at 6 o’clock.

S. MALCOLM, Hon. Sec.

Source: Shields Daily Gazette 28 June 1899

14 July

The Annual Meeting took place.


1 August


THE NEXT DRILL will take place on Saturday afternoon the 1st August, at Six o'clock.

S. MALCOLM, Hon. Sec.

Source: Shields Daily Gazette 28 July 1899

9 August

It was suggested that more could be done to elicit subscriptions from members of the public visiting the Watch House.

Visitors to South Shields are not too well provided for in the matter of shelters during wet weather. In this connection, however, the Brigade House is often turned to good account. Under its hospitable roof many a time hundreds of people, who have been overtaken by a heavy rain, have been made welcome. Not only have they found shelter there, but they have no doubt found much to interest them in the relics which adorn the walls, and which tell eloquently enough many a tale of shipwreck and rescue. Now, there is, besides a subscription box, which is very scantily patronised from year to year. I should like to say that that is due to the niggardly spirit of the visitors. But whether that is so, whether is due to the shyness of the brigade official in charge of the house, the fact remains that instead of being a source of revenue the box yields little or nothing to the funds of the institution. On such occasions as I have referred to I would suggest that the box might with prudence and every justification be brought little more under notice.

Source: Shields Daily Gazette 9 August 1899


2 September


THE NEXT DRILL will take place on Saturday Afternoon, the 2nd of September at 6 o’ clock.

S. MALCOLM. Hon. Sec.

Source: Shields Daily Gazette 31 August 1899


14 October

The Brigade took part in the procession marking the formal opening of the “John Readhead” Wing of the Ingham Infirmary”.

Ingham Infirmary
Workmen’s Demonstration
In Connection With the
Formal Opening of the “John Readhead Wing” by
W. S. Robson, Esq., Q. C., M. P.,
On Saturday, October 14th, 1899

THE PROCESSION will start from Fountain, near Holy Trinity Church, and march through the following Streets, viz.:—Laygate Lane, Green Street, Cuthbert Street, Station Road, Market Place, King Street, Fowler Street, Westoe Road to the Infirmary.

GENERAL MARSHALS (Distinguishing Badge, Red. White and Blue Rosette):—Messrs R. W. Jobling, John Bell, David Cook, George Hardy, Charles Sowerby, William Tindle, G. F. Lambell, James Boyd, Robert Lawson, Robert Pritchard and Richard Dillon.

SOCIETY MARSHALS (Distinguishing Badge, White Rosette)

Members the several Societies taking part in the Demonstration are requested assemble at 1 45 p.m. at the respective places of meeting below that the Procession may start punctually at 2 15 p.m.


SECTION A.-General Marshals: George Hardy and R. Dillon.

To meet at the Fountain, extending up Commercial Road towards Newmarket.

1 Mounted Police Guard.
2 3rd D. V.A. Band. Conductor. J. A. Moore.
3 South Shields Volunteer Brigade
4 South Shields Fire Brigade.
5 Ambulance Detachment of Police Force.
6 Associated Shipwrights' Society, A. and B. Branches.
7 Collecting Car.
8 St. Hilda Lodge of Durham Miners' Association. Marshals: R. Kirtley and Joseph Lavery.
9 St. Hilda Humane Lodge Independent Order of Mechanics. Marshals: J. Thompson and H. Smith.

SECTION B.—General Marshal: John Bell

To meet Fountain, extending past Trinity Schools.

10 Dennison’s Borough Brass Band. Conductor Robert Dennison.
11 Boilermakers and Iron and Steel Shipbuilders' Society. Branches 1, 2, and 3. Marshals: W. Sinclair and W. Youl
12 Kingston Unity of Oddfellows, Shields District.
13 Harton Lodge Durham Miners' Association. Marshals: Hugh Holmes and J. Wilkinson.

SECTION C. —General Marshals. James Boyd and Charles Sowerby

To meet in Eldon Street.

14 South Shields Garibaldi Prize Band. Conductor, William Young.
15 National Amalgamated Union of Labour. Marshals: O. Wade and W. Grey.
16 Co-operative Smiths' Society, South Shields Lodge, Branch No. 5. Marshals: J. Downey and Geo. Stephenson.
17 Ironfounders' Society, South Shields Branch. Marshals: G. Birkett and G. Mallabar.
18 Good Shepherd Lodge. Loyal Order of Ancient Shepherds. Marshals: E. Mitchell and W. Thompson.
19 South Shields Military Band, Conductor, J. W. Dennison jun.
20 Edward Moore & Son's Workmen. Marshals: C. Wilson and A. E. Halcrow.
21 Tree of Life Lodge, Ancient Free Gardeners. Marshal: Thos. Howard.
22. Operative Bricklayers' Society, South Shields Branch, Marshals: H. R. Todd and J. Cochrane. Collectors: J. Williamson and J. W. Woodhouse

SECTION D.— General Marshal: R. Pritchard.

To meet in Palmerston Street.

23 South Shields Harmonic Prize Band. Conductor, J. Greenwood.
24 Marsden Lodge of Durham Miners Association Marshals: T. Harle and J. Dawson.
25 National Association of Operative Plasterers, Shields District. Marshals: S. Whinnery and W. Jones.
26 Loyal "Edward Hedefine" Lodge. N. I.0. of Oddfellows. Marshal: R. A. Elliott.
27 Amalgamated Society of Carpenters and Joiners. South Shields Branches 1 and 2. Marshals: J. Anderson and H. Carter.

SECTION E—General Marshal: G. F. Lambell

To meet in Regent Street.

28 Durham Salvation Army Band. Conductor. Wm. Moffitt.
23 Tyne Dock Teemers and Trimmers. Marshals: S. Hitcham and T. Forrest. Collectors: M. Forrest and R. Hogg.
30 Duke of Cambridge Lodge, N. I.O. of Oddfellows. Marshals: G. Jackson and W. High.
31 Manchester Unity Independent Order of Oddfellows, Shields and District. Marshals: PPGM J. Young and S. Williams.
32 National Amalgamated Society of Painters. Marshals: H. Berryman and W. Strachan.
33 Amalgamated Society of Drillers and Hole Cutlers.
34 Collecting Car.

SECTION F.—General Marshal: R. Lawson.

To meet in Campbell Street.

35 Wellesley Band. Bandmaster. J. Shuts.
36 Wellesley Boys.
37 Workhouse School Band.
38 South Shields Battalion Boys' Brigade. Marshals: Captain Shiel and Lieutenant J. Robson.
39 Durham Salvation Army Junior Brass Band.
40 Decorated Cars.


Badges, Numbers, Collecting Boxes will be given out as follows, viz.:—

At the Dispensary, Westoe, on Friday between 7 30 and 9 p.m.

At the Oddfellows' Lodge Room, High Station Hotel, Laygate Lane, Saturday between 1 and 2 p.m.

The Oddfellows' Lodge Room will be open on Saturday for the use of Members of Trade and Friendly Societies and others taking part in the Procession.

Collectors are requested to hand in their boxes at the Dispensary at the close of the proceedings.

A Collection from the Processionists will be taken at the Infirmary gates.


Chairman the Workmen’s Governors and Chief Marshal.

JAMES R. Wheldon Sec.

74 King Street.
South Shields. October 12th. 1899

Source: Shields Daily Gazette 12 October 1899


THE MEMBERS will join the Infirmary Procession at Trinity Church Saturday next, October 14th, 1899, at 2 o'clock.

S. MALCOLM. Hon. Sec.

Source: Shields Daily Gazette 13 October 1899


4 November


THE NEXT DRILL will take place on Saturday Afternoon, the 4th November, at 4 o’clock.

S. MALCOLM, Hon Sec.

Source: Shields Daily Gazette 3 November 1899


2 December


THE NEXT DRILL will take place on Saturday Afternoon, the 2nd December, at 3 30 o'clock.

S. MALCOLM. Hon, Sec.

Source: Shields Daily Gazette 30 November 1899